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Here's what's new at the practice...

Physical distancing and washing your hands really do make a difference! Whatever your take on wearing a mask, do it so that others can be as chill about it as you. Hopefully just a little more time to go,  please be safe!

We strive for continued physical distancing and disinfecting between visits.

Dr. Stedeford will be wearing her mask, we strongly suggest you wear yours too.

Here's how to always get services or at least stay in touch:

1. Telemedicine

 Get your integrative health care using  telemedicine  with Dr Stedeford via It will be like an office visit without being needled but being treated. Here is what happens in a televisit: is a HIPPA compliant site great for telemedicine. There is an exam process whereby Dr. Stedeford will assess you short of taking your pulses in order to make an Eastern medicine diagnosis.

Based upon your diagnosis, all of the tools of East Asian medicine are still applicable except being needled. In place of needling, Dr. Stedeford will teach you your acupressure prescription and how to apply it to yourself. Or, if applicable, you will be taught other homework techniques to be used to improve your mind-body health. Any chief concerns addressed by a physical office visit can be addressed using telemedicine.

When appropriate, all EAM (East Asian medicine) tools including herb, supplement, nutraceutical or directed activity (tai chi or qi gong) prescriptions are also included and taught.

If you are interested, contact Dr. Stedeford via the methods listed below to set up an appointment time

2. Staying in Touch:

office number: 530.409.5644

on Facebook: Wendy Stedeford Acupuncture


There is no Group Acupuncture until further notice.


Keep yourself, your loved ones and your community healthy and safe.

We're committed to your health and safety and hope that you are too.

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